RF Radio Frequency & Cavitation/ Ultrasound 

RF Radio Frequency & Cavitation; Basic and Advanced Theory, Demonstration and Hands on

RF Radio Frequency

Radio waves activate the water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body. By activating them, the energy becomes clear and the region warms up. The size of warming fat cells shrinks, blood circulation accelerates, this effect accelerates fat burning. Elastin strengthens connective tissue, increases collagen. Skin tightening, Cellulite and Body shaping is also a very effective system used.

Cavitation/ Ultrasound 

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low ultrasound waves.

The ultrasound spread causes a sudden high pressure in the fluid of the fat cells. However, air bubbles burst at certain magnitudes. This formation creates an explosion after expansion. This effect, called cavitation; it destroys the structure of the fat cells by liquefying the oil and destroying the cell walls.

Degraded fat cells and released fatty acids are excreted through the lymphatic channels.



RF Radio Frequency & Cavitation Completion of basic and advanced level certificate


Our program starts as theoretical and practical

It will be private as one to one and hands on live models in clinic room.

It takes one day morning theoretical and demostrations after that hands on live models

The training language in English.

Certificates at the and of last day

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