Our Program 

Hairtransplants Training Courses

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction with Sapphire

DHI Direct Hair Implantation Metod with Choi Implanter Pen

Our Hairtransplants Clinic, located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, has 14 rooms on 5 floors.

10 – 25 operations are performed every day in our clinic.

Since operations are carried out every day of the year, except for compulsory holidays, participation can be made on any day.

We have operations between 08.00 and 15.00 in the morning and between 15.00 and 24.00 in the afternoon.

We enable students to participate in these operations

Participation in all operations is possible.

A maximum of two students can be admitted to each operation room.

Training Languages

Notes are taken in training with a booklet.

First day observation
Second day starts
Hans on and continue to grow up step by step.

New techniques
methods for hair, latest hair transplantation technology..
Fue Sapphire and DHI Choi Implanter Pen
learning about the equipment for hairtransplanting

Preparing the room
Preparation of drugs
Preparation of the client
Planning the hair and determining the amount to be transplanted
anesthesia procedure
Hair removal process
Channel opening

All stages, including the hair transplantation process, are carried out practically.

Each participant has to bring a surgical suit, hair cap, slippers or sports shoes to use in the operations.

Lunch, coffe and tea are provided free in the cafeteria located on the roof of our clinic.

10 days

1 training book

3 certificates

University Certificate

Acreditation Certificate
Euro Passcard


Aesthetic treatment of hairtransplants

The hairless area, which is generally seen as a result of spillage in men, is an effective treatment method for obtaining natural hair appearance. Often about 90% of the resulting hair loss is caused by genetics, drugs, creams or cosmetics that are used to reach old hair do not give satisfactory results.

While we follow the latest technological developments in hair transplantation, we do our scientific researches in our own way.

Our hair transplant operations are performed in a hospital environment under surgical conditions. Our plastic surgeons and nurses are in charge of our plastic surgeons. In the course of 7 years in the field of hair transplantation, thousands of successful hair transplant operations have been realized. Our center, FUE method is applied in hair transplantation.

Hair loss affects the person psychologically due to aesthetic concerns. Hair loss or baldness is an aesthetic anxiety for many people. If you see a happy expression when you look at the same, you will increase your self-esteem. You should do hair transplantation first of all for what you want.

Our main goal in hair transplantation is to provide personalized service. Since hair structures are very different from each other, different approaches gain importance at every stage. This is a necessary condition for obtaining a good hair shape. Our goal is not just how many grafts a single seanstay is but how to look at the grafts being planted and how to get a hairline shape that is not understood to be planting, and not to leave any permanently distorted images on the area where grafts are collected.

Our program starts as theoretical and practical

It will be private as one to one and hands on live models in operating room.

It takes 9 days morning theoretical and demostrations after that hands on live models

The training language in English.

Certificates at the and of last day

How To Apply :

You should send your CV to email

You should to send 20%  the fees to confirm your place

If you need visa you should send passport and informations  we will send to you invitation letter to apply for visa


Whatsapp number +90 532 136 3987