Female Genital Aesthetic Training Courses,

  • Genıtal Fıller
  • Genıtal Whıtınıng
  • Genıtal Stem Cell Nano Fat
  • Genıtal Prp And Grp
  • Genıtal Mezotherapy Collagen And Hyaluronic Acid For Nti Aging
  • G – Shot Procedure Applied To İmprove Sexual Plesure O – Shot Procedure Applied To İncrease The Clitoral Orgasms

Genıtal Aesthetıc Surgery

  • Vagınoplasty ( Vaginal Tightening-Vaginal Firming )
  • Clitoral Plastic Surgery
  • Perıneoplasty ( Restoration Of The Perineal Body )
  • Labıoplasty ( İncludes Redimensioning Or Reshaping Of The Labia Minora )
  • Hymennoplasty ( Restoration Of Hymen)
  • Puboplasty ( Aesthetic Of Venus)

Genital Aesthetic Training Courses Program

Our program starts as theoretical and practical

It will be private as one to one and hands on live models in operating room.

It takes two days morning theoretical and demostrations after that hands on live models

The training language in English.

Certificates at the and of last day

How To Apply :

You should send your CV to email info@ginakademi.com

You should to send 20%  the fees to confirm your place

If you need visa you should send passport and informations  we will send to you invitation letter to apply for visa


Whatsapp number +90 532 136 3987

Email info@ginakademi.com