International Education Gin Academy Cosmetic Laser Courses


Basic Training of Laser & Electrolysis; Basic and Advanced – Theory, Demonstration and Hands on

Laser, condensed light

Laser Laser beams of a certain wavelength are converted to heat energy by transferring the energy of dark matter.

Laser Hair Removal is the fastest and healthiest way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. This is based on the principle of destroying the veins feeding the hair roots. The wavelength of light used in laser epilation is absorbed by the dark melanin pigment and destroys the hair follicles.

Lasers in certain wave lengths have been used for many years for different purposes.

Electrolysis/ Needle Epilation

The method of passing heat energy to the hair root

Termolisis: the pinhole allows the hair root to vibrate with the electric energy it sends to the root of the hair. This vibration vibrates the water in the hair root, heats it and destroys the hair root.

Galvanic: Needle root electric energy is transmitted and hair root provides sodium hydroxide production. When sodium hydroxide warms, it breaks the hair root.


Training Participation Certificate Medical Cosmetic Laser & Electrolysis/ Needle Epilation Two basic certificates are given by completing basic and advanced level trainings.

Courses Including 

Cosmetic Laser Types

Laser hair removal

Photo epilation (flash lamp technology)

Photo Epilation – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Effect of Laser on Hair Root

Laser Hair Removal (Light Amplification with Stimulated Emission)

Radiation) Definition

Light Amount and Duration of the Laser


The Importance of Skin and Hair Color in Laser Hair Removal

The Importance of Cooling the Skin in Laser Epilation


Pain Level in Laser Hair Removal

Preparation Before Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Period in Laser Hair Removal

Application Times in Laser Epilation

Laser Hair Removal Applications in Men

Permanence in Light Epilation methods

Laser Types for Hair Removal

The types of lasers according to their wavelengths.

Ruby Laser

Alexandrite Laser

Diode Laser

Neodymium (Nd:) Yag Laser

Situations Without Laser Hair Removal

Points to Consider Before Applying Laser Hair Removal

Points to Consider During Laser Epilation Application

Points to Consider After Laser Epilation Application

The Complications of Laser

Pre- and Postoperative Precautions in Laser Treatment

Tatoo Remover hypermelanosis

Nonablative Resurfacing Lasers and Their Usage in The Treatment of Skin Rhytides

Ablative Resurfacing Lasers And Their Usage in The Treatment of Skin Rhytides