; It is the person who correctly and consciously applies the necessary tools and machines to make the skin and body look healthier, more beautiful and younger by making use of cosmetic science and technology correctly. (In Beauty Specialization, care expression is used, not treatment)

Beautİcian  Description

Inc Examines the structure of the skin, determines the type, determines the need. And it does its maintenance.

  • Çeşitli Applies various masks and steam to ensure blood circulation and open pores.
    Işlemler Makes operations to remove wrinkles on the face.
  • Alır Removes unwanted hair on the face and body.
  • Masaj It massages the body and face.
  • Yapar Makes day and night makeup suitable for face shapes.
  • Lar Implements regional slimming programs.
  • Yapar Makes maintenance and simple repairs of tools and equipment used.
  • The specialist should clean the room, cabin and device he/ she is handling.
  • Tüm All cleaning of the treated area, including hygiene, belongs to the expert

The Golden Rule To Be A Beautician

  • Uses hands and fingers skillfully,
  • Has a sense of vision, aesthetic vision,
  • Can follow innovations (follows new devices, new applications, professional broadcasts)
  • Patience, meticulous, careful
  • They are people who are durable enough to stand for a long time.



  • Being friendly (positive electricity): approaching the customer without prejudice and making the customer feel valuable.
  • It should be very clean (not clean but very clean): Nails should be short, use colorless nail polish, nails should be round, not square.
  • If her hair is long; her hair must be collected.
  • Wearing a white apron, white sneakers or white slippers.
  • Very tiny jewelery, no jewelry other than wedding rings.
  • It will look fresh and will not smell of cigarettes.
  • Needle epilation, mask and gloves should be used in skin care applications.
  • Must make light make-up, apply very fresh scent, not chew gum.
  • He must speak by adjusting the tone.

The specialist must persuade the person entering through the door, provide service, and sell products. A cosmetologist must be a very good marketing and salesperson. Cabin products are more intense. In order to reach the outcome of the care more easily, the patient is given/ sold sales products (home care) and effective results are obtained.